Hey there, we are The Massas!

Back in 2016 we had this dream to travel the country as a family and live a simpler but fuller life. That dream would require us to sell everything we owned to get out of debt, find a way to work remotely, find out what was really essential and do away with the rest. It has been an adventure already, and we are growing every step of the way.

Here is a little bit about each of us.



Aaron a.k.a. Dad, is the INTJ of the family. He is the planner, the researcher, the problem finder and the one that makes sure we don't just throw caution to the wind! 

He loves gardening and dreams of owning a farm in Montana and living off the land. He geeks out over Alaska the Last Frontier, Growing a Greener World, and of course all things Sci-Fi. 

He makes a living by providing consulting, bookkeeping and tax preparation for small businesses through Ledger & Levy



Ceci a.k.a. Mom, is an INFP the dreamer in the family. She's the one thinking of new adventures, wanting to push the envelope and pushing everyone to - just go for it!

She loves traveling and taking photos! She dreams of traveling the world and expanding their children's world view. She's obsessed with essential oils and natural wellness. 

She makes a living teaching others about essential oils and how to rid their homes of toxins through the Hello Wellness Collective.



Vaughn, the big brother. He is always serious and intense, in his world everything is pretty much black and white.

He loves Legos, riding his bike daily, and dreams of being a tornado chaser. 



Sydney, the lucky middle child! She's the goofball in the family, always the life of the party, in her world every day is  AWESOME!

She loves barbies, hanging out with friends, and dreams of being a rock-star!!



Lexie, the baby.  She is the performer, always looking for an audience. Her personality is like little explosions of extreme happiness or pure distress. 

She loves puzzles, playing in the dirt, and riding her scooter.