Well, it’s been 5 weeks since we sold our house, oh how time flies when you’re having fun! 

 After weeks of decluttering (or so I thought, turns out you can accumulate A LOT in 12 years), we had 2 garage sales, lots of craigslist sales, and a few trips to the local thrift store to drop of donations. Then two solid weeks of painting inside - every single room! Plus waiting three weeks to be able to paint the outside (we had so much rain in May).  We finally had the house ready to go on the market!  

 We were told houses were selling quickly, and quick it was. We put the house on the market on a Friday, we had one showing that night, three on Saturday, two on Sunday and 1 more Monday afternoon. That Monday evening we met with our realtor, and she had 3 really great offers for us. I could not be more happy, the whole process of wrangling 3 kids in and out of the house, not to mention trying to keep the house spotless, was exhausting!

We accepted an offer that exceeded our expectations, honestly it almost felt to good to be true. Aaron was totally speechless, and I could not stop laughing, it was unbelievable. Of course all thru the inspection and the whole month leading up to closing I was so nervous, I kept praying it wouldn't fall through!

But, here is when things really sunk in.  I think for Aaron the weeks leading up to putting the house on the market were probably the most emotional ones, he seemed melancholy and kept bringing up memories (I had been too focused on getting the house ready). But not for me, it was as the house got emptied and packed-up that the emotion started to sink in. 

We had lived there for 12 years!!! 

And I know it may not seem that long, but that is the longest either one of us have lived anywhere... EVER!  Not to mention, the only place our kids have called home. 

We moved the week before closing, and it's a good thing, because it took that whole week to get the last of the things. I went in one last time, to clean and make sure everything was ready to turn in the keys. As I was going through each room, my mind would go back to specific memories - times we spent together as a family, meals we prepared, friends we had over, etc. I recalled so many of the moments and memories we created there. When I got to, what had been the nursery for so many years, I lost it!   So many sweet moments spent there, nights rocking or nursing the kids to sleep, Aaron singing to them in the middle of the night, and lots of helplessness tears as brand new mom.  Saying goodbye to that house was bittersweet! I had wanted something different for many years now, but suddenly when we were finally there, it wasn't as easy to walk away.  I needed all those tears and emotions to let go of that season in life, and move forward with anticipation to the season ahead!



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