After two months living in what I call "the boonies," I have learned a thing or two - like, to not ask stupid questions such as "who's that person you're waving at?” or "why is it so quiet?"

The truth is living out in the country takes some getting used to. After living in a big city all my life, here are a few things I've learned:

1. You always wave at the people you pass, whether you know them or not!

This could simply be a TX thing, I don't know. But I noticed Aaron kept waiving at people as we drove by the neighborhood, so one day I asked, "who is that?" Seemed like a reasonable question to me!  His response, "I don't know? I guess just someone in the neighborhood."  I laughed! "So why are you waiving?" I asked again. He said, "that's just what you do out here, you wave at people."  "Oh, ok!" 

2. It's quiet!

So ever since I can remember, yes even back when I lived in Mexico, I've always lived near a large busy street/highway.  So the first day after moving, Aaron and I walked outside the door, we were watching the kids play. We stood there for a minute and then I said "wow, it's so quiet here!" to which he quickly responded, "I know, it's so nice huh?" I laughed and then said, "actually I was thinking it's really weird!!"

Now, I have a love-hate relationship with this particular point. On the one hand I am loving quiet evenings stepping out in the backyard or out the front door and actually being able to listen to the sound of stillness. The big downside to this is that now I have to add 15-20 minutes to our travel times, because it takes that long to get to an actual highway!

3. Wait, we don't NEED to lock the doors?

"So, your parent's really don't lock the door all day?" I asked Aaron, with a very confused look on my face. "Nah, only at night" he said. "But, there are other people around, won’t  someone try and get in?" "What if they try and break into the car?"

I must admit, this is something I'm still adjusting to, I guess I don't trust people very much? I have a hard time not locking the car doors, and the fact that the front door is only locked at night, blows my mind!

4. You can see the stars!!

Yep, there's really no complaint about this one I absolutely love stepping out at night, or coming home late at night and being able to see the stars. I'm amazed every time!