We officially moved into our Airstream September 25th, we decided to stay at a campground only a couple of hours away (Lake Tawakoni) to get settled in and make sure we found a bit of a groove before hitting the road on a long trip.

airstream family

Driving away was more emotional than I think we expected. All of a sudden everything we've been working for was finally here, and the reality of leaving our family, and friends started to sink in. Living Aaron's parents with tears in their eyes as we drove away was hard, tears ran down our faces for the first few minutes of our drive.  


We planned to meet with our friends, who have been living in their tiny home for over a year now, and got to be neighbors for a week! The kids loved getting to play with friends all week long, we had a blast!


Getting through school work was no problem... I guess they had a little motivation! 


Aaron did a lot of work during the week and I spent a lot of time arranging and re-arranging. This will seem a bit ridiculous, and it probably is, but figuring out where everything should go was one of the hardest things for me, it was the first time I've ever really had to decide where dishes should go, or pots and pans, school supplies, etc. I moved from my parents home to our apartment (which our mom's helped us move into), then from there to our house where a bunch of girls from our college group from church literally unpacked and set-up our kitchen!  So this is my first time actually arranging my kitchen! Thankfully it is a small space, so not too many options! I think I may have commitment issues, so limited options is usually a really good thing for me! Anyway, I think all the things have finally found their home, one of these days I'll take pictures and show you around our home.

Today we are starting our trek to Tenessee, we'll stop somewhere in Arkansas overnight, then travel again on Tuesday. We'll be staying at different spots for two weeks visiting family, and then we'll head over to Kentucky.


Heres a map of where we'll be during the month of October... It's going to be a busy month!!

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