The last time we were in California for Christmas was 6 years ago, Sydney was only a year old, crazy to think it’s been that long. 


Growing up we came to CA for Christmas every few years, it was a treat because we got to see a lot of our extended family, and I loved spending time with my cousins. It looks different these days, so many are married and with families of their own, but I love that we are still able to hang out, and our kids get to make memories of their own.

Christmas eve we had a fun day, wrapping presents, baking cookies and preparing for our traditional puzzle dinner.  I don’t really enjoy cooking, it’s more of a chore for me on a daily basis, but there are a few occasions I love it, Christmas eve is one of those  times. I can’t remember if Pozole on Christmas eve was always a tradition in our home growing up, or only once we moved to the US, but it was one of the few things I felt I could contribute to preserve some of our traditions after Mom passed away, and I enjoy making and sharing that dish.



Christmas morning we opened gifts from our Dallas family and had Aaron’s pull-apart bread, one of the traditions Aaron grew up with.  Traditions are an interesting thing aren’t they? I wonder which, if any, of our current traditions the kids will carry on with their families?

That evening was our big celebration with the extended family! We had dinner together and exchanged gifts. I feel so fortunate to have this amazing family!

My grandmother was unable to attend, she has alzheimer's and it’s just hard for her to leave her space. I planned to go see her with some of my cousins, I don’t think she really knew who we were, but she was nice and cordial and told so many stories! It was lovely to get to spend some time with her as well.

It was a good Christmas and the aftermath looked a little like this...

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