The Montezuma Castle is not at all what the kids imagined. 

                                               (someone did not want to be in the photo)

                                               (someone did not want to be in the photo)

“Wait, that was a castle?"

Built into a cliff about 100 feet off the ground, Montezuma Castle was a five-story dwelling with about 20 rooms. It is one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the US.

The dwelling was occupied for a period of about 300 years before it was completely abandoned around 1400 AD.

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The park itself wasn’t very big, a short trail along the side of the cliff.

I however enjoyed the gentle sounds of the flute being played by an older man as we entered the park. The sound echoed through the path, as a gentle reminder to slow down and take in the sights!

The kids all worked to ear another Jr. Ranger badge.