I'm finding myself making mental to-do-lists, starting to get a little anxious, and as I sit here to write this, I'm realizing why  - we are really close to the next big step in our adventure! 

So let me backtrack a bit. I realize I haven't been as good at keeping everyone updated as I hoped. The daily grind just doesn't seem that interesting, but amist all the work and everyday life, we've taken more steps into this adventure of ours, and it's starting to take shape! 

Trying to decide on the best home on wheels is no joke. From the very beginning of this process I've had my eyes set on an Airstream travel trailer, but we (by we I mean Aaron) wanted to make sure there was not a better (*cough *cough, cheaper) option. After almost a year of research, an RV show and a trip to the airstream dealer he finally settled on an Airstream. So in February we walked into that RV show for the second time to see if we could realistically get the airstream we were totally falling for!! 

A few weeks later we put in our order for a Flying Cloud 30fb Airstream Travel Trailer, I know you just wanted to know the exact model we got!! Ordered you ask? Yes! It's not that we had anything custom ordered, it just so happens that the model we want is hard to come by and are usually sold before they are even out of production, so we went ahead and reserved ours. The estimated arrival for it is June 15th!!! Pinch me!! I still can't believe it, and the pessimist in me keeps wanting to not get too excited, you know, in case it doesn't work out!?

This whole journey is a bit surreal and some days it just doesn't feel like anything is really happening. Then I remind myself that most people don't live with their in-laws, are not getting rid of all their stuff, and are not preparing to travel and live in a 250sqft-home-on-wheels, indefinitely! 

Things are happening behind the scenes and the anticipation, anxiety, and excitement is starting to sink in! 

We haven’t nailed down all the details, but we are estimating we will begin our travels in July and head East… Hello Tennessee!!