Well, after a long summer watching my brother endure chemotherapy and all the fear, anxiety and heartache that came with it, his treatment is over!  So earlier this month we got to take our little home out for a weekend test-run!

We semi-moved in, obviously we've been slowly pairing down on things, but it's not until you are trying to move ALL your things into a 250sqft space that you realize how little of what you THINK you need, you really do, and of course all the things you STILL need to get for a life on the road!

airstream shade

The ride there was pretty uneventful, I mean really, we only went 2hrs away! Now I've never been a great navigator, so of course, the first fun part of our little trip took place 5 minutes away from our final destination, when I directed Aaron to turn on to the wrong street, which was a tiny little country road with no-way-in-sight to do a quick turn while hauling our 30ft home!  Thankfully it only resulted in a 15min delay as we found a church parking lot just big enough for us to turn around in!  

"saved by the church"

During this trip we made a long Amazon list of things we would need, first on the list was a car phone mount for Aaron to do him own navigating!!

Next on the list - leveling blocks... I mean we'd seen them, but surely just a few pieces of would would work too, right?... Nope!  We backed in, well, Aaron backed the airstream in beautifully into our perfectly shaded site!

We attempted to look like we knew what we were doing, but it was obvious we weren't quite level... Meh! no big deal, it wasn't that terrible, we got hooked up right before dark, had dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening. We were all so excited to finally experience our little airstream that we were all ready to relax and go to bed.  The kids were excited to sleep in their bunks for the first time, it was great!

airstream girls
airstream family

I think we were all a little too excited, we slept kind of lightly, we also had no idea how well insulated our little home is, we played with the thermostat all night, too cold, too hot, too cold again!  At least we found out the AC works well! 



The next morning, we had breakfast and got to work and get a taste of what roadschooling will look like, the weather was perfect and the kids were so ready to go ride their bikes and play that school was pretty much a breeze... let's hope that lasts all year round! 


All was going well, until lunch time, I decided to make the kids a quick grilled cheese sandwich on the stove top, so I pull out our cast iron pan and get the sandwiches on it, then I stepped away for a minute to grab something else, when BAM!!  


Now remember how I talked about our minor leveling issue?  Well, apparently it's a pretty big deal to be level if you want to use the stove and actually keep your pots and pans on it. The weight of the pan, plus the not-so-perfectly-leveling-job, sent the pan and it's contents to the floor. So glad it wasn't anything super messy, and yes I kept a hand on the pan handle the rest of the time!  


We spent the rest of the weekend taking walks, riding bikes, swimming, learning and getting a taste of what this life we are about to jump into is going to look like. The kids had a blast, Aaron and I were able to relax and plan for our first official take off.

The week after we returned, we received the amazing news that my brother's scans were clean, no more cancer!!!  

So here we are, two weeks later, lots of donations, trash bags, and packing later... we are hitting the road!!   (more details on that coming soon)

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