We made it to Saulsbury, TN, but not without learning a HUGE lesson first!

Just because a route appears to be the most direct, does NOT mean it’s the best one to take!

JPEG image-BABBA107A0CD-1.jpeg

We took a turn off a long, winding, and narrow dirt road, the kind you kinda commit to because… well, you simply can’t turn back around. The road didn’t look so bad at first, but the longer we were on it, the narrower it became. At one point the road was more like a dirt-bike track than an actual road. I could totally feel my blood pressure rising as we kept going down this never ending road with no way out. About 20 minutes in, Siri declared, “Arrived, arrived!”

I don’t think so Siri!  

After what seemed like FOREVER!! In reality probably about 30 minutes total. We finally found our campground! (phew!)  

Turns out I should have guided us the OTHER way - the longer way, lesson learned!! Although I’m pretty sure I just got myself fired from my navigating job! oops!

Once we arrived the views were gorgeous!  We only planned to be there for a short time, more of a stopping point before heading to our next destination. 

JPEG image-1A170A33C1E9-1.jpeg

Being only about an hour away from Memphis, the kids and I took the next day to visit with my Aunt Kay and cousin Katherine in Memphis.

They took us to a very Memphis place - Jerry’s Sno Cones. I’m sure the kids had more sugar than I care to acknowledge, but we had a great time. I was probably Vaughn’s age the last time we went to Memphis to visit Aunt Kay! 

Now off to Crossville, TN!