We had one more stop before heading back to Dallas - Kansas City, MO!

A super fun part about this lifestyle is the flexibility to pretty much go wherever we’d like! One of my cousins was getting married and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be there to celebrate with him and all our extended family!

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Now, up to this point we haven’t really had to get fancied up. So having to get 5 people cleaned, dressed up, and ready to go in our tight space was quite the experience. The airstream looked like a tornado had blown through it when we left for the wedding! 

But I’d say we cleaned up nicely!


The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. The kids all enjoyed hanging out with their little cousins and I'm pretty sure they got the most use off the photo booth!

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We got to stay a few extra days and hangout with cousins after the wedding. I love it when we all get together and have these mini family reunions!! 

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The day we planned to head back to Dallas, we were going through our usual prep before hitching up, when Aaron noticed the truck was leaking some kind of fluid. Upon further investigation we determined it was fuel.

We spent the morning calling repair shops, thankfully there was one close by, but it would not be able to work on the truck for another day.

In retrospect, it was all meant to be. We camped out at one of my cousins home and got to to extend our visit with family. The kids played together and she and I got to catch up. We planned a day to go visit the Hallmark museum which was so much fun!

We went ahead and stayed through Halloween so the kids could all go trick-or-treating together. Of course we hadn't planned on that, so we had to figure out quick costume ideas. We got the boys emoji masks and the girls wore princess dresses they already had. In the end it didn't really matter because it was SO COLD, you couldn't even see their costumes under all the coats, but they had a blast, which just made it all perfect!

The next morning we got up at an ungodly hour in the morning and started our 12 hour trip back to Dallas. Sadly there were lots and lots of tears as we left. The kids had so much fun, they weren't ready to leave their cousins!

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This trip wouldn't normally be quite this long, but pulling a trailer, 3 kids in tow, and arriving in DFW right at rush hour made it a long travel day. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but so worth it!

We are now in Dallas through Thanksgiving and then we’ll start heading west.

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