Yesterday I flew out of Las Vegas, where the rest of the family stayed, to Salt Lake City, UT for a training weekend. I met up with some of my Young Living team, and the first thing we did was go visit the farm.

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Aaron and I were both here earlier this year while at convention, the energy during convention is amazing, but this experience was totally different. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and really got to take in it's beauty!

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We were given a tour of the grounds via horse and carriage. The views are spectacular! I loved getting to hear the employees stories and see the pride that they take in their work. 

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We also got a tour of the distillery, it was pretty fascinating. I’ve heard of the Seed to Seal process time and time again, it’s what made me choose Young Living over other essential oil companies, but seeing the process first hand was pretty cool!

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If you ever find yourself in the Salt Lake City area, you should plan a day to visit the farm. It is open daily and free admission on most days, except for special events.