Because a day at the beach felt more like a tease, we met up with some friends at a beach front site in Ventura, CA. We’ve come to this little beach multiple times before with my Aunt and Uncle, and I remember seeing these sites and hoping we’d be able to stay here a few days once we had our Airstream!


These sites are first come first serve, so people are scouting them daily, thankfully our friends had already been there a few days and they saved a spot for us.


We enjoyed walks on the beach, campfires with waves as a soundtrack, seafood, feeding anemones, and just the comfort that only the ocean provides.

Wednesday morning, we woke up early (4am) to see the lunar eclipse. After the solar eclipse this past summer, we expected this would be a quick few minute event. It was so surreal for the moon to be completely dark for about an hour. We joked about the fear that it might not go back!

As the mood dropped lower on the horizon, it appeared larger and larger, and on the opposite side, we could see the sunlight starting to peek through. Moon disappearing in the horizon on one side, and a sunrise on the other side, it was a stunning sight, and we were in the perfect spot to experience it all. 


Out time there was short, but we loved it! There’s just nothing like being able to hear the ocean from your bed at night!