After 4 weeks in the Dallas area, we are on the road again! 

Going back to Dallas after our first little road trip was fun!  Those first 6 weeks on the road felt like a bit of a tease. We came home and told family and friends all about it. We spent Thanksgiving with family and this time when we said goodbye it felt more real. 

The tears fell hard. 

How is it that even when pursuing your dreams, there’s a loss, a letting go of something precious to pursue that which you’ve long desired?

It will be the summer before we make it back to Dallas, but more importantly before we see our friends and family there, and if it weren't for technology, this would be a hard pill to swallow. 

The morning after thanksgiving we loaded up into our airstream and begun our trip west!

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We stayed the night at Lubbock, woke up and kept going to Albuquerque for a couple of nights, and straight on to Cottonwood, AZ.


The scenery going west has a beauty all it’s own. It’s interesting how you can find beauty wherever you go, even in the desert!

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We’ve done the most hiking here. Reaching the top of the hills to watch the sunsets has been a favorite pastime. The kids have also enjoyed collecting and comparing rocks. Sydney liked stacking rocks and Lexie enjoys leading the way along the trails.

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Yesterday was our 14yr wedding anniversary, and we couldn’t be happier to be on this adventure together, here’s to many, many more!

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