On our last day in Arizona the kids and I drove out to Slide Rock State Park, I had heard it was amazing and we were only about 45 minutes away.

It was great motivation to get school done that morning, so after school, we packed a lunch and headed out there. The whole drive up was beautiful, we went from the arid dessert, to the colorful and piney Sedona.

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I’m sure this place is super busy in the summer, as it is perfect for swimming and sliding through the rocks, but I very much enjoyed the quiet. There were a few people there, but it was quiet enough that we really got to enjoy the scenery without the crowds.  

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The kids loved exploring around the rocks and dipping their toes in the frigid waters. They hated leaving and I can't blame them. The weather was perfect, the scenery spectacular, I wanted to stay there myself!

The day we sold our house, as we were riding to my in-laws house, the kids were in the back seat having a conversation, it went something like this...
     Vaughn: “So we are like homeless now! You know? We don’t have an actual house!”
     Sydney: “Yes, but our camper is going to be our house!!”
     Vaughn: “Yeah, and the world will be like our backyard”

I love that they can see the world that way and I hope they always do!