Today marks 6 months since we moved into our Airstream!

I honestly expected there would be more of an adjustment period, I distinctly remember telling Aaron after our first few days in it, “It really feels like home!"


The kids quickly adjusted and have grown so much during this time. Lexie often wakes up and asks, “Are we moving our camper today?”  she loves going from place to place. When we first started Sydney was so afraid of swimming, she would only hold on to the edge of the pool, these days she is in the pool every chance she gets and is swimming from side to side. We for sure expected Vaughn would have a hard time, with the need to schedule and structure, but all the time outdoors has been so good for him, he loves meeting new people and loving on everyone’s pets!

Perhaps the biggest thing this time has provided is community, I know, crazy! When we talked about our plans, as crazy as it sounded, we both knew we would somehow find a community of people to connect with. Aside from all the amazing sights, finding this community has been the best! Traveling is fun, traveling with friends and continuing to make more along the way is even better!

We are looking forward for many more months to come!