It’s felt like we’ve been traveling pretty quickly to get here and we are settling in. We are planning to spend a good part of the winter in southern California, and it will be nice to take our time!

It was so nice to see my Aunt Bety, she came to see us as soon as we got here about a week ago. The girls were sure to give her the long tour!

While we were at this park we were pleasantly surprised to meet 7 other families who also live in their RV’s and will be wintering in CA as well. The kids were thrilled to have other kids their ages to play with, I don’t think we saw them much once school was done!


We’ve made some friends here that we have really connected with and are hoping to meet up with after the holidays. Leaving this park was hard for my little extroverted girl, I think we are going to need to make sure we do meet up with her friends again!


We are looking forward to a couple of weeks with family for the holidays.

Here is the extent of our Christmas decorations this year, Merry Christmas everyone!

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