These past few weeks have been a whirlwind!  

Back in December, when we first arrived to CA, I mentioned we met a few other families who also travel and live in their RV’s full time. During that time they mentioned a “Full Time Families Rally,” and insisted we should try to make it, it would be here in CA. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant. 

I don’t know that we would have ever considered attending this event  if we hadn’t first met these families… It just seemed weird (probably is ha!).  I mean the idea of meeting up with a bunch of families you don’t know from all different backgrounds and family dynamics, sounds a little scary! We didn’t know if we could even get in, since it was a bit short notice for us, but we managed to make it happen.

Wow!  Try, if you can, to imagine 40+ families…  Kids! SO MANY KIDS!!  

If I’m honest, the actual rally event was a little overwhelming, but we got to meet so many amazing families!! Some we got to spend more time than others, but we were blown away by the fact that, for one this was just a fraction of the number of families choosing this lifestyle, but also, this was one of the most welcoming group of people we have ever encountered. Some families left as soon as the event was over, and other stayed a little longer, it was post-rally that we really got to get to know a few of the families well.

My favorite was probably the evenings around a fire, connecting with people from all backgrounds, a group that outside of this lifestyle, would have never come together, yet there’s an almost immediate connection. It’s hard to sit around a fire and not get to know someone. The first thing everyone wants to learn is why and how you chose to live this way, which of course leads to telling your story, because very few wake up one morning and say, “hey, let’s sell it all and travel!” 

The kids of course, had a blast with so many kids to play with!

In a way it felt like camp or a mission’s trip as a teenager, we didn’t want it to end, and the awesome part is, it doesn’t have to!  We are making plans to continue traveling with some families for the rest of our time in the west coast!

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