This past week we stepped away from out typical traveling/exploring/homeschooling life and volunteered our time at Gleanings For The Hungry, a ministry of Youth With A Mission.


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, some of the friends we made on the road were just there a few months ago, and the group of friends we are currently traveling with were planning to go based on their recommendation, so we decided to come along too.

I was so impressed by everything this organization does. Their main purpose is to gather donated food, package it up (in dried soup mix form), and ship it to countries in need. 

But beyond that, they take fabric donations to make quilts out of and send those as well. Sydney designed this quilt and we both worked on putting it together!

Working in the quilting room reminded me of my childhood, when mom would have big sewing projects, would spread them across our dinning table and I would sit and watch her work. Funny how little experiences like these can connect us to the past and give you a sense of legacy, even if in a small way.  I think Sydney enjoyed working on it about as much as I enjoyed it as a kid... not for very long, ha!  


They also open their doors to backpackers from all over the world, offering them a safe place for them to pass through, many often stay and volunteer for a time as well.

Meals are shared in community and the cleaning was done in community as well, there really was something for everyone to do.

It was really amazing to see our kids find so much joy in doing something for others!

I love it when christian organizations are able to love on people in a very practical way! 

As a bonus, our last night there ended with an amazing sunset!