If you’ve read my previous posts, then you know by now how much we’ve enjoyed finding our little community. One of the cool things about this community is that we’ve all come from different backgrounds. In “normal” circumstances we may not have ever found each other. Yet, here we are, and it was our choice in lifestyle that has brought us together.


The super fun part, is that because we’ve come from different places, we make our lives richer as we share our thoughts, experiences, and in this case traditions with each other! 

This weekend we participated in a Passover Seder meal. I was fascinated by the symbolism! 


This was the first time Aaron or I had even been a part of a Seder meal and we loved it. Neither one of us grew up in traditional churches, and we’ve enjoyed learning some of the symbolism in traditional rituals.

We ended the evening with a fire, laughter, and great conversation.